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Request of the President of the University of Dayton

This form has been provided to help coordinate appearances, speeches and other requests of President Daniel J. Curran. Your request MUST be submitted online using the form below.

Please keep in mind that the Presidentís schedule is very demanding, and is subject to change at any time in the event of emergencies or important University business. If such situations affect the Presidentís attendance at your event, a member of the Presidentís staff will contact you, and when possible we will provide a representative, if you wish. In the event of agenda or timing changes, we ask that you contact our office immediately.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Ė You must submit your request FOUR weeks in advance of your event. If you have questions concerning this information, please contact our office at 937.229.4122. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The red fields with asterisks(*) are required.

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If someone in the audience needs accommodations such as sign language interpreter, please make arrangements with the venue/site contact person.

As a reminder, you must submit your request FOUR weeks in advance of your event. If you have questions concerning this form, please contact our office at 937.229.4122. Thank you for your cooperation.

Checklist :

After filling out as completely as possible and then submitting this online form, please fax or mail the following to our office as soon as possible:

        Specific driving directions from UD to your event OR if on campus, the building location of the event.
        Parking information for the President
        An event agenda (Working agendas are acceptable; however, please forward the final version as soon as it becomes available)
        Any news release or articles produced by your event organizers.
        Suggested talking points, background information or speech guidelines
        Scripts or teleprompter information, if necessary.

Please fax the materials to 937.229.3396, or mail them to:

           Office of the President
           University of Dayton
           300 College Park Drive
           Dayton, OH 45469-1624

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 937.229.4122.